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We will always upload the upgrade file.

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File Name Download
POK3R V2 firmware V1.01.00
POK3R V2 user manual
Tab 90 firmware V1.0.0
Tab 75 firmware V1.0.0
Tab 60 firmware V1.01.13
Tab 75 & 90 user manual
Tab 60 user manual
RGB CORE Firmware V1.04.05
Tab 90M user manual
22-key numpad (DIY tester) user manual
RGB CORE user manual
RGB Race 3 user manual_Traditional Chinese
RGB Race 3 user manual
Cypher firmware V1.03.06
Cypher user manual
CORE_MPC firmware
ViBE user manual
ViBE firmware V1.01.03
New 75 (Race 3) manual
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